Wastewater? No problem – how to travel cleanly by bus and train

Der RoadPump sorgt für sauberes Reisen mit Bus und Bahn

Traveling by bus and train is a relaxing alternative to long car journeys, if it weren't for the problem with the toilets. When the smelly bus toilet becomes a fellow traveler, it's not uncommon to lose your appetite for sunny weather and that delicious pretzel. Fortunately, there are now efficient solutions for the sewage problem on buses and trains that can fix the problem with state-of-the-art technology.

Simple, hygienic and environmentally friendly: The RoadPump for buses

Emptying the bus toilet is no joy for anyone, because time pressures and a lack of infrastructure often lead to unpleasant situations that can stress employees. But also the environment is not insignificantly affected by uncontrolled wastewater disposal.The  RoadPump is therefore the salvation for plagued bus passengers and bus companies, because it ensures reliable and hygienic wastewater disposal.

How does the RoadPump work?

Based on the Vogelsang rotary lobe pump, the RoadPump takes care of wastewater disposal as well as the service and drinking water supply of the buses. The RoadPump is waiting to be used at bus transfer locations. It is easy to operate thanks to digital video instructions for employees, such as bus drivers. Depending on your needs, the different Eco, Easy and Plus versions meet different requirements. As a result, they optimally adapt to the needs of large bus depots, rest stops, but also private companies to establish an efficient supply. In combination with the RoadPump, various collecting systems are used, which form the interface between the wastewater tank and the RoadPump.

RoadPump and BusPlug – a perfect team

 The RoadPump can be supported by various collection systems, which can be optimally adapted to the respective requirements to enable hygienic wastewater disposal.An example of this is the BusPlug. This suction plug is firmly anchored to the toilet tank and thus provides a simple interface between the wastewater tank and RoadPump. It is compatible with virtually any bus toilet tank and can be easily installed and dismantled. This allows businesses to achieve simple and clean wastewater disposal that avoids any odor nuisance and meets the highest hygiene standards.

More flexibility: CollectingMax

The large CollectingMax drip tray prevents splashes and provides quick and easy disposal for any bus. It is positioned under the bus and collects wastewater hygienically and quickly. Especially at rest stops, the system is the means of choice to avoid environmental pollution.

Customized wastewater solutions for trains

Train toilets often enjoy a somewhat higher reputation compared to bus toilets, but they can still pose a hygienic and organizational challenge for operators. Solutions come in a variety of sizes and shapes.


The VacUnit is a pumping system for vacuum wastewater disposal and is used worldwide in the field of stationary WC disposal. The pumping technology is based on the proven rotary lobe pumps of the Vogelsang VX series and does not require phase separation as with other vacuum collection tanks. This simplifies maintenance and service and enhances the relief function for operators.


The TUnit combines wastewater disposal and drinking water filling of trains in one unit and can be used individually, but also in combination with a VacUnit. Due to its compact size, it can also be used in confined spaces. The hoses suspended from the mast keep the floor clear to avoid tripping hazards.


The ReelUnits are hose reel systems for supply and disposal systems of the railroad. They are used when there is no space for supply and disposal modules such as the TUnit or CabinetUnit in the immediate vicinity due to space restrictions. WC tanks can be siphoned through the hoses and passenger trains can be filled with water.


The CabinetUni is an external supply and disposal station with a cabinet design. It is installed outdoors and can be easily and conveniently connected from both sides of the track. The weatherproof system provides passenger trains with flexible, hygienic water supply and wastewater disposal.




Thanks to modern technology, environmental pollution and unhygienic working conditions are no longer excusable. Fortunately, a variety of solutions exist today that can efficiently solve the problem of bus and train sanitation and water supply. Find out about your customized solution approach and make unhygienic conditions in buses and trains a problem of the past.