In einer Biogasanlage können organische Abfälle oder Biomasse in einem anaeroben Raum (ohne Sauerstoff) durch Bakterien in Biogas umgewandelt werden.

Are biogas installations sustainable?

The transition from nuclear and coal energy to sustainable energy sources is in full swing. In addition to wind power and solar energy, biogas is also making a contribution to our sustainable future. What are the benefits of using a biogas installation and how sustainable are they really?

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Die Drehkolbenpumpen der VX-Serie – Für alle Anwendungen anwendbar

How does a rotary lobe pump work?

Are you looking for an economical pumping solution for a wide range of application scenarios? Then the rotary lobe pump is just what you need. But what is the technology behind this all-round talent and in which industries is this versatile pump particularly popular? We introduce you to our Powerhouse.

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Die kleine und servicefreundliche Exzenterschneckenpumpe CC44

How does an progressing cavity pump work?

A pump as a multi-talent: The progressing cavity pump is powerful and versatile. It is not even particularly sophisticated, but rather very performance-friendly and optimally adapted to the needs of its users, for example the biogas industry. But how does an progressing cavity pump work and where is it used? We discuss essential details and information about the Vogelsang "Allrounder" and why the QuickService is advantageous for users.

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Vogelsang's twin-shaft grinder at the Koblenz sewage treatment plant

The Koblenz sewage treatment plant has been situated right on the Rhine for over 50 years. Going back only a few years, digestion tower circulation was frequently disrupted due to clogged pumps. As a solution to this problem, the sewage treatment plant now relies on the XRipper XRP
wastewater grinder from Vogelsang.

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This is how modern and environmentally compatible wastewater disposal works for harbors

A pleasant boat trip in the summer is the highlight of the warm and sunny season for many vacationers. We marvel at the turquoise waters and the beautiful nature of mother earth. This makes it all the more important to follow up our appreciation of our unique world with concrete action. A good example of this is the proper disposal of wastewater in the harbor. How can harbor owners optimally support yacht and boat operators in disposing of wastewater, and what role does PierPump play in this?

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Der RoadPump sorgt für sauberes Reisen mit Bus und Bahn

Wastewater? No problem – how to travel cleanly by bus and train

Traveling by bus and train is a relaxing alternative to long car journeys, if it weren't for the problem with the toilets. When the smelly bus toilet becomes a fellow traveler, it's not uncommon to lose your appetite for sunny weather and that delicious pretzel. Fortunately, there are now efficient solutions for the sewage problem on buses and trains that can fix the problem with state-of-the-art technology.

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Abrasive media? Vogelsang industrial pumps provide effective help

We live in a connected world and benefit every day from the industrial infrastructure that gives us easy access to food and raw materials. Transport vehicles are an essential part of this infrastructure. These transport media, some of which are highly viscous, but also aggressive. What role do rotary lobe pumps play in this context and how can they help to improve safety and efficiency?

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