Wet wipes? No Trouble!

The problem with the hated sewage blockers practically solved with the help of experience

The town of Wildeshausen, located in the nature reserve of the same name, is surrounded by fields and woods and has recently experienced a strong influx of new inhabitants drawn to its natural setting. To these people, this popular holiday destination is home.
Up until a few years ago, however, problems in the sewer system pumping stations of this county town for the district of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony would often interrupt the tranquility. But when the municipality hired a former wastewater specialist from the potato processing industry, the solution was soon found. He invested in rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang, which are resistant to foreign matter. Blockages caused by wet wipes are now a rarity.

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Twin-shaft grinder vs. macerator

Safe and reliable wastewater disposal and purification is becoming increasingly important in order to protect waters and the environment and maintain a high quality of life. At the same time, sewage systems are increasingly struggling with fat bergs and wet wipes, which drive up operating costs. This makes it all the more important to integrate efficient and reliable wastewater treatment technologies.

We will tell you how you can reliably reduce solids with the right equipment and thus protect your pumps and systems from harmful foreign matter.

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PREMIX NEXT LEVEL - the next generation of solid matter feeders

Highly optimized: The new generation of PreMix® solid feeders has a lot to offer!
Solid matter feeding plays an important role in biogas plant working processes. If it does not run 
smoothly or does not run at all, that has an impact on the entire plant, resulting in a decrease in 
the gas yield as well as economic efficiency. In other words, reliable solid matter feeding is a must 
for efficient biogas production. 

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Efficient debris management in biogas plants

Food scraps clogging the sink siphon or wet wipes causing the toilet to overflow: We all know how expensive and time-consuming problems caused by foreign objects can be. So it's no surprise that efficient foreign debris management also plays an important role in industry, wastewater technology and biogas plants. This is the only way to prevent damage or blockages to downstream elements in the long term.

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In einer Biogasanlage können organische Abfälle oder Biomasse in einem anaeroben Raum (ohne Sauerstoff) durch Bakterien in Biogas umgewandelt werden.

Are biogas installations sustainable?

The transition from nuclear and coal energy to sustainable energy sources is in full swing. In addition to wind power and solar energy, biogas is also making a contribution to our sustainable future. What are the benefits of using a biogas installation and how sustainable are they really?

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Die Drehkolbenpumpen der VX-Serie – Für alle Anwendungen anwendbar

How does a rotary lobe pump work?

Are you looking for an economical pumping solution for a wide range of application scenarios? Then the rotary lobe pump is just what you need. But what is the technology behind this all-round talent and in which industries is this versatile pump particularly popular? We introduce you to our Powerhouse.

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Die kleine und servicefreundliche Exzenterschneckenpumpe CC44

How does an progressing cavity pump work?

A pump as a multi-talent: The progressing cavity pump is powerful and versatile. It is not even particularly sophisticated, but rather very performance-friendly and optimally adapted to the needs of its users, for example the biogas industry. But how does an progressing cavity pump work and where is it used? We discuss essential details and information about the Vogelsang "Allrounder" and why the QuickService is advantageous for users.

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Vogelsang's twin-shaft grinder at the Koblenz sewage treatment plant

The Koblenz sewage treatment plant has been situated right on the Rhine for over 50 years. Going back only a few years, digestion tower circulation was frequently disrupted due to clogged pumps. As a solution to this problem, the sewage treatment plant now relies on the XRipper XRP
wastewater grinder from Vogelsang.

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