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Die Drehkolbenpumpen der VX-Serie – Für alle Anwendungen anwendbar

How does a rotary lobe pump work?

Are you looking for an economical pumping solution for a wide range of application scenarios? Then the rotary lobe pump is just what you need. But what is the technology behind this all-round talent and in which industries is this versatile pump particularly popular? We introduce you to our Powerhouse.

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Die kleine und servicefreundliche Exzenterschneckenpumpe CC44

How does an progressing cavity pump work?

A pump as a multi-talent: The progressing cavity pump is powerful and versatile. It is not even particularly sophisticated, but rather very performance-friendly and optimally adapted to the needs of its users, for example the biogas industry. But how does an progressing cavity pump work and where is it used? We discuss essential details and information about the Vogelsang "Allrounder" and why the QuickService is advantageous for users.

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Vogelsang's twin-shaft grinder at the Koblenz sewage treatment plant

The Koblenz sewage treatment plant has been situated right on the Rhine for over 50 years. Going back only a few years, digestion tower circulation was frequently disrupted due to clogged pumps. As a solution to this problem, the sewage treatment plant now relies on the XRipper XRP
wastewater grinder from Vogelsang.

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Pump power to go

Wildeshausen wastewater treatment plant: Unconventional but simply practical. Emptying the tank with a tractor and Vogelsang pumps

Wildeshausen: The county seat in the district of Oldenburg is located directly on the Hunte river in a region rich in agricultural land and forests. The next big city is not far away and yet – or precisely because of the location – the number of inhabitants is steadily increasing. This continuous growth and the constantly increasing requirements for wastewater treatment make it necessary to continuously develop the wastewater treatment plant, which is operated by the city.


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Wastewater pumps in comparison

Wastewater pumps in comparison

Trouble free pumping of dirty water and wastewater is essential for a functional sewer system. Therefore, you need the right pump to ensure optimal flow. But which pump systems are the most efficient for this purpose? Correspond with the provisions of the wastewater regulation and reliably cope with events such as heavy rain? We look into it and explain what needs to be considered.


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Water 4.0

The digital revolution of waste water systems and its advantages

It’s known in Germany as “Industrie 4.0,” in France as “Industrie du future” and in the USA as the “Internet of Things (IoT).” Almost everyone has heard at least one of these buzzwords by now, and has a more or less accurate idea of what the fourth industrial revolution entails: Following on from mechanization, mass production and automation, we are now seeing an extensive computerization of production sequences and processes. The basis for this development is formed by structured, automated communication between people, machines, systems and logistics. The result will be a largely self-organized and flexible system that covers the entire value chain.


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Everything that ends up in wastewater and how technology in the sewage system and wastewater treatment plants cope with it

Who would have thought that dentures, identity cards or beer bottles could be found in wastewater treatment plants? It is patently obvious that wastewater treatment plants are not designed for these materials. Another product that are a major challenge for wastewater treatment plants is wet wipes. In many cases, they have become an indispensable part of the household. Wet wipes are used for various purposes, such as cleaning a baby's bottom or special cleaning wipes for toilet or smooth surfaces. However, not every wipe is the same.

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