Wastewater pumps in comparison

Wastewater pumps in comparison

Trouble free pumping of dirty water and wastewater is essential for a functional sewer system. Therefore, you need the right pump to ensure optimal flow. But which pump systems are the most efficient for this purpose? Correspond with the provisions of the wastewater regulation and reliably cope with events such as heavy rain? We look into it and explain what needs to be considered.


Simple, hygienic and environmentally friendly: The RoadPump for buses

Emptying the bus toilet is not a pleasure for anyone. Time pressure and the lack of infrastructure lead often to unpleasant situations that can burden employees. But the environment is also not negligibly affected by uncontrolled wastewater disposal. The RoadPump is therefore the savior of troubled bus occupants and companies, as it ensures a reliable and hygienic wastewater disposal.


Wastewater pumps – the agony of choice

Thanks to the grinders that often accompany wastewater pumps, a smooth drainage into the sewer system is ensured. The goal is to collect and channel surface and dirty water as separately as possible.
But environmental protection is also becoming an increasingly important task that also is highly relevant in the field of wastewater treatment. The goal is therefore to use state-of-the-art technology to operate more energy-efficiently and conserve resources. Particularly efficient is the use of modern pump systems, with which you can optimally pursue these goals. But what criteria should be considered and what to look for?


Individual perfection: The VX series rotary lobe pumps

The state-of-the-art VX series rotary lobe pumps for dirty water applications are an option. Thanks to the large free - passage and gentle pumping, wet pipes, for example, are also easily pumped without clogging. Thereby HiFlo® lobes ensure a pulsation-free and low vibration pumping. However, the pump can also be used to draw wastewater from pits and shafts and remove air from empty sewage pipes. They are compact, resistant to foreign bodies, powerful and easy to maintain. The VX series can also be used in sewage treatment plants. From primary-, surplus or activated sludge - to digested, sewage or thickened sludge, the VX series pumps can handle everything.


Frequent maintenance can be avoided through especially durable materials, such as highly wear resistant special steel that also guarantee long periods of use. The minimal shaft deflection, even under high pressure, contributes to the prevention of wear and minimizes operating costs. However, should you ever need to replace a component of the pump, you will benefit from the modular design of the VX series. This allows you to merely replace the affected part or have it serviced. In addition, our QuickService allows parts to be replaced on site in short time by our own personnel, without removing the pump.

The VX series convinces further with its flexibility. A variety of features and options are available. Thanks to these numerous configuration options, you can optimally adapt the pump to your needs.


High performance and minimal cost: The IQ series rotary lobe pumps

The IQ series rotary lobe pumps impress with their very user friendly handling. This is based on a unique design that simplifies maintenance and handling and allows easy integration into the piping system.

The IQ series, like the VX series pumps, feature HiFlo lobes. The pump thus pumps the wastewater gently and without pulsation. The Vogelsang Quality Cartridge is also integrated into the series and represents state-of-the-art sealing technology.
The pumps have an integrated liquid reservoir that increases the suction capacity and thereby protected against dry running. The IQ series positive displacement pumps are available in two ranges, with flow rates of up to 154 m³/h and thus are optimally suited to your individual needs.

Die Pumpen der Baureihe IQ112 sind die optimale Lösung, wenn schnelle Wartung, kostensparender Service, einfaches Handling und maximale Verfügbarkeit gefordert sind.

The pump housing of the IQ series, unlike that of the VX series, consists of a single component, making its construction especially economical. Thanks to the compact design with fewer individual parts, it is easy and cost-effective to replace all wear parts and increase the availability of the pump due to lower downtimes. Access to the pump elements is realized in no time.


Individual wastewater solutions for buses, trains and ports.

Operators of bus and rail depots as well as ports are faced with the question of how to dispose the emerging wastewater properly, but at the same time economically and easily. Often, the renewed supply of drinking water is also relevant here. Based on the rotary lobe pumps, efficient solutions have been developed for this purpose that make the work much more hygienic and faster while satisfying customers.

The toilets on trains often have a slightly better appearance than those on buses, but they can still pose a hygienic and organizational challenge for operators.

Vogelsang pumps pump (almost) everything!

Our VX and IQ series pumps fulfill all wastewater technology requirements thanks to the wide variety of designs. In addition, they can be adapted to your individual needs through high-quality technology. You are welcome to inform yourself about our range of services and design your wastewater solution efficiently, conveniently and economically.