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Die Drehkolbenpumpen der VX-Serie – Für alle Anwendungen anwendbar

How does a rotary lobe pump work?

Are you looking for an economical pumping solution for a wide range of application scenarios? Then the rotary lobe pump is just what you need. But what is the technology behind this all-round talent and in which industries is this versatile pump particularly popular? We introduce you to our Powerhouse.

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Fertilization of potatoes with slurry

The potato – you can find it in almost every kitchen. Hardly any other food can be used in so many different ways, whether as baked potatoes, dumplings or mashed potato. As a popular staple, however, this tuberous plant has only been intensively cultivated and harvested in Germany since the 18th century. But how do you successfully grow potatoes, and is fall fertilization using manure an option?

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Saving time and money through simultaneous liquid manure incorporation and tillage

Work smarter, not harder. This is now possible with the complete set SynCult from Vogelsang. This is because it can be used to combine tillage and liquid manure application in an efficient way. The SynCult has been designed by Vogelsang to be easily mounted on any tillage equipment and ensure the same performance. For companies, this means less work and additional cost savings. Read here how you can use SynCult for your arable fields.

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The versatile advantages of the Strip Till process

The versatile advantages of the Strip Till process

Efficient tillage is essential for the healthy growth of plant crops. But what possibilities do technical approaches offer? The Strip Till process relies on strip tillage. But what does it depend on for an optimal yield and what are the benefits for the user in practice? We discuss all the details and introduce you to the Xtill by Vogelsang.

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Vogelsang precision distributor ExaCutECQ:  Maintenance steps & tips

Fit for field use – Maintaining liquid manure spreading technology: Is your liquid manure spreading technology fit for field use?

To ensure that liquid manure spreading runs smoothly and efficiently, we recommend regularly checking the functional capability of the spreading systems. In addition to the booms themselves, important components such as the precision distributor should also be put to the test. This ensures that the liquid manure is spread evenly over all the discharge hoses of the respective spreading system – precise liquid manure spreading made easy. High distribution accuracy ensures uniform fertilization and thus uniform plant growth.

Using the Vogelsang precision distributor ExaCut ECQ as an example, we will show you the most important maintenance steps. In our example, the ExaCut ECQ is installed in the Vogelsang dribble bar system SwingMax with a working width of 21 meters.

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A clear yes to the dribble bar system

Why Dirk and Hubert Schulze Roberg opted for Vogelsang dribble bar technology in response to the German law on fertilizers

On agricultural plants, the German law on fertilizers is making itself more evident than ever. In order to protect waters, vegetation and the environment, specifications on the spreading of liquid manure are
becoming increasingly stringent. Longer blocking periods are creating an increased demand for spreading technology since more work needs to be carried out in a shorter time.

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Mineral fertilizer is a scarce commodity - this is the alternative

Germany is currently suffering from circumstances that are difficult to predict as far as future gas supplies are concerned. Private households fear power outages and industry is also suffering from the unpredictable situation. Consequently, gas prices are rising sharply, which is why mineral fertilizer production is becoming increasingly expensive. Due to the current situation, some fertilizer producers are even closing their factories. How can farmers and companies deal with the current mineral fertilizer crisis and why does liquid manure play a key role? We look at the sustainable solution of near-ground spreading technology and your opportunities for the future.


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