How does a rotary lobe pump work?

Die Drehkolbenpumpen der VX-Serie – Für alle Anwendungen anwendbar

Are you looking for an economical pumping solution for a wide range of application scenarios? Then the rotary lobe pump is just what you need. But what is the technology behind this all-round talent and in which industries is this versatile pump particularly popular? We introduce you to our Powerhouse.

How does the pump work?

Rotary lobe pumps are characterized by their robust and powerful design. They belong to the group of positive displacement pumps and are self-priming, insensitive to dry running and enable high flow rates despite complicated media.

The technical operation of rotary lobe pumps is based on a special pumping principle: At the center of the pump are two counter-rotating delivery elements, the so-called rotary pistons. These in turn are mounted on two shafts. As a result of the rotary motion, the space on the suction side increases, which is why the medium is sucked into the delivery chamber by the negative pressure generated. As a result of the further rotary motion, the medium is trapped between the pump housing and the rotary lobe and discharged again on the other side due to the reduction of the delivery spaces. The symmetrical design of the pump allows the rotary lobe pump to work in both directions. The special HiFlo pistons enable low-vibration and pulsation-free pumping.


Where is the rotary lobe pump used?

The Vogelsang rotary lobe pump is manufactured in various designs, in terms of equipment, material, but also drive options. However, all pumps have in common the same compact design, easy maintenance and outstanding serviceability. In many industries you can benefit from the powerful pumps.

In the wastewater industry, various sludges and dirty water can be transported by the rotary lobe pump without clogging. This can be guaranteed by the large free ball passage and the InjectionSystem.

But the rotary lobe pump also shows its talents in agricultural technology. The pumps are ideal for use in slurry technology. Due to the independence of the direction of rotation, slurry transporters can avoid unnecessary piping. This saves material, space and effort. In mobile use, you also benefit from the particularly compact dimensions of the Vogelsang pump.

Die R-Serie eignet sich optimal als robuste Güllepumpe in der Landwirtschaft. 

In biogas installations, the rotary lobe pump can be used as a central pump, as it reliably pumps a wide variety of media such as slurry, fermentation residues, but also recirculated material and suspension from the fermenter. For example, the slurry can be sucked effortlessly from deep pits. Foreign objects, stones or other foreign matter are no obstacle. Here, too, the pump can be used to feed or remove the medium.

In industry, rotary lobe pumps guarantee a wide range of application options. They can handle highly viscous media such as oil or molasses without difficulty, and even liquids with a high solids content - such as those often found in the wine industry - pose no problem.

Rotary lobe pumps are also used for traveling cleanly by train, bus and boat. They are the main component of pumping stations that can hygienically pump viscous liquid containing foreign objects. Furthermore, you can reliably pump out and dispose of wastewater or bilgewater with the PierPump in harbors.

Different designs for different purposes

 Vogelsang invented the elastomer-coated rotary lobe pump and now offers a wide variety of rotary lobe pump models to ensure an optimum fit for a wide range of circumstances. But how do the rotary lobe pump models differ and what are the individual advantages?

The VX-series models are rotary lobe pumps for all applications and are produced in many versions. The comprehensive range of features and options make them flexible in use and powerful. This enables economical operation thanks to high efficiencies and a long service life.

The IQ-series rotary lobe pump consists of fewer individual parts and is easy and flexible to handle. Due to the quick access to the conveying elements, the pump is particularly service-friendly and thus unique in its design in the Vogelsang range. When making your choice, you have a clearly structured selection of different models to choose from.

DIe Vogelsang IQ-Serie der Drehkolbbenpumpen

The GL-series is a gearless version of the rotary lobe pump and is also unique in its design in the Vogelsang range. It is designed for use in mobile applications where space is limited and a light weight is required. Nevertheless, the rotary lobe pumps of the GL series are robust and powerful.


Learn to love the rotary lobe pump too

QuickService, compact design and endless versatility – the rotary lobe pump has the potential to become an indispensable part of your basic equipment More information can be found on our website or during a personal consultation.


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