Saving time and money through simultaneous liquid manure incorporation and tillage

Work smarter, not harder. This is now possible with the complete set SynCult from Vogelsang. This is because it can be used to combine tillage and liquid manure application in an efficient way. The SynCult has been designed by Vogelsang to be easily mounted on any tillage equipment and ensure the same performance. For companies, this means less work and additional cost savings. Read here how you can use SynCult for your arable fields.

Advantages of the combination of SynCult and tillage equipment

The main advantage is the increased efficiency. The ability to place the kit on different tillage equipments links two essential operations of tillage and tillage care. The liquid manure discharge can thus take place in one go with the liquid manure incorporation. Resources and money can be easily saved as the arable land only needs to be worked with one equipment and only one pass. The four-hour rule, which stipulates that liquid manure on uncultivated arable land must be incorporated within these four hours, can also be complied with without any problems using the attachment. But not only the work is reduced, but also the loss of nutrients. 
By allowing the liquid manure to be incorporated into the soil as quickly as possible, there is no risk of important nutrients escaping from the liquid manure into the air. This ensures perfect nutrient distribution for the soil. The SynCult thus enables just-in-time familiarization, regardless of the equipment. In addition, a healthy and fertile soil is guaranteed.



Quick and safe installation of the SynCult on all equipments 

For Vogelsang, it is important that our customers are offered easy-to-use, yet effective equipments. Precisely for this reason, the SynCult from Vogelsang is fully prepared and ready for immediate use. Thanks to the features of the SynCult, it is easy and quick to attach to the tillage equipment. One of the features is the adapter frame, which ensures a stable connection between the tillage equipment and the extra distributor. Because with a firm and secure connection, the extra distributor can work optimally with the latest application technology from Vogelsang. This means uniform plant growth for the users. 
When installing the kit, it is irrelevant whether you want to upgrade a disc harrow or a cultivator model, because the SynCult can be flexibly mounted on different models with the appropriate brackets. Specified fixing points for the extra distributor and the liquid manure outlets ensure the function and quality of the existing equipment. In particular, the fact that no welding work is necessary for the attachment to the existing equipment convinces the current users of the upgrade kit. Experience has shown that the SynCult delivers the best possible results in combination with Horsch Joker, Koeckerling Rebell and Amazone Catros. In all cases, it convinces with adaptation to the different working widths, a thorough work result and longevity. 


Saving money with SynCult

SynCult is the next step towards efficient and effective arable farming. With less effort, you manage to save money and resources without sacrificing the quality of your field.  
If you would like more information about the SynCult upgrade kit or other Vogelsang liquid manure application equipment, we look forward to providing you with qualified information.  



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