Comfort on the campsite -  not only for guests

XRipper XRC ensures properly functioning sanitary systems

The XRipper XRC twin-shaft grinder with Sewer Integration Kit (SIK) can be used in a variety of applications thanks to its compact design. At the Piper campsite in Italy, it shreds the coarse matter contained in the wastewater to ensure smooth operation of the sanitary facilities.


Summer, sun, beaches: These are what attract visitors to the Piper campsite in Southern Tuscany in Italy. It is owned by the Pecchia family, who offer vacationers every comfort – pitches equipped with electricity for caravans, motor homes and tents, bungalows, restaurants, sports facilities, and entertainment. In addition, as is customary on campsites, guests have access to centrally located sanitary facilities with showers and toilets.

The wastewater produced here is collected in an underground pit, from where it is pumped into the sewer system. Especially during the summer season, when the Piper campsite is busy, clogged wastewater pumps have often occurred in the past. The reason is that cleaning cloths, plastic packaging and other waste were being carelessly disposed of in the toilets and ended up in the underground pit. The garbage blocked the pumps.

Fixing these malfunctions took the operators a long time – three to four hours for each issue. This is because they had to open the pit, remove the pump and rectify the cause of the malfunction – a major additional stress factor during the peak season. In addition, unpleasant odors were escaping from the pit during maintenance and were adversely affecting guests’ vacation experience.


Camping-Piper-1Vogelsang clears up problems in the sanitary area.


Reducing coarse matter to a minimum


In order to prevent blockages in advance and to ensure trouble-free operation of the pumps in the long term, owners the Pecchia family looked into shredding solutions. That was when they came across the XRipper XRC100-320QD twin-shaft grinder from Vogelsang. Thanks to its compact design, the XRipper XRC is ideally suited for installation in front of inlets or outlets in shafts and pits.

The campsite operators installed the twin-shaft grinder just upstream of the inlet to the collection pit with the submersible pump inside it. The flow of liquid carries any coarse matter contained in the wastewater to the XRipper XRC, which reliably grinds it down to a size that does not cause a problem. Clogging, blockages and damage to downstream pumps, fittings and equipment can thus be avoided in the long term.

Thanks to the QD bearing and the one-piece Ripper rotors, the XRipper is ideally suited for shredding stubborn foreign matter. The additional support bearing and the highprecision one-piece Ripper rotors ensure excellent stability. Although there are no carrier shafts, there is no bending or contact between the Ripper rotors. The user benefits from a longer service life. Maintenance and service are performed quickly and easily on-site.


Camping-Piper-2 Camping-Piper-3Left: Installation of the XRipper XRC100-320QD twin-shaft grinder with SIK.

Right:The XRipper is located directly in front of the inlet to the collection pit with the submersible pump inside it.


High quality vacation experience, satisfied guests


Since installation of the Vogelsang twin-shaft grinder, the wastewater pump has been running smoothly and reliably. Clogging and blockages no longer occur. This allows the Pecchia family to concentrate fully on their guests and on operation of the campsite even in a fully booked summer season, while vacationers can use the perfectly functioning sanitary facilities without unpleasant odors.

At a glance: Twin shaft grinder for Camping Piper



  • Recurring malfunctions and blockages of the wastewater pump
  • Odor nuisance in the campsite sanitary facilities


Vogelsang XRipper XRC100-320QD


Technical advantages

  • Compact design
  • Drive using submersible motor
  • Very low noise
  • Reliable size reduction of coarse matter contained in the wastewater
  • Fast on-site maintenance

Benefits for the user

  • Trouble-free, reliable operation of the wastewater pump
  • No unpleasant odors and malfunctions in sanitary facilities
  • High quality vacation experience for the guests


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