Partnership for plant optimization - manure in, profitability rises

Partnership for plant optimization: In Nohra, Vogelsang and Biocraft Nohra are working with partners from industry and research on the “FlexPump” project – a mixing concept for the flexible, efficiency-optimized and multifeedstock- capable operation of biogas plants.

Successfully marketing worthless items. Colloquially in German, one also likes to say: “Making money from sh**.” In Grammetal, they take this literally – and quite successfully, actually. There, animal excrement is
economically converted into energy in the biogas plant of Biocraft Nohra. The trigger for the change in the operating concept was rather unpleasant: the neighboring industrial company, which used the entire heat of the plant, closed its doors. They had to come up with something new. Now, their efforts have been impressively successful and, in addition, added value has been created for the environment and for regional farms.


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Liquid feeding - technology and benefits

Liquid feeding of your biogas plant - technology and benefits

A biogas plant provides an efficient, economical and sustainable method of generating energy. A particularly important aspect of the biogas plant is the digester feeding; this is decisive for the gas yield. But how does solid matter feeding suitable for bacteria work? The potential of “liquid feeding” is a widely discussed method in this context.

Using a state-of-the-art Vogelsang solid matter feeder, it is possible to prepare and mix solids with a liquid component in a particularly advantageous way. This treatment enables you to increase your gas yield and reduce your energy costs. How does this work and what technology can help you? Let’s take a closer look!

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Everything that ends up in wastewater and how technology in the sewage system and wastewater treatment plants cope with it

Who would have thought that dentures, identity cards or beer bottles could be found in wastewater treatment plants? It is patently obvious that wastewater treatment plants are not designed for these materials. Another product that are a major challenge for wastewater treatment plants is wet wipes. In many cases, they have become an indispensable part of the household. Wet wipes are used for various purposes, such as cleaning a baby's bottom or special cleaning wipes for toilet or smooth surfaces. However, not every wipe is the same.

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Pumps where pumping is needed: mobile helpers for emergencies

In an emergency, when flood waters have flooded streets, basements and apartments, mobile pump power is required. And rescue workers and helpers must be able to rely on it – one hundred percent. Time for Vogelsang pump power. Rotary lobe pumps from Essen (Oldenburg) shine with their high pumping capacity, compact size and many possible applications.

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