This is how modern and environmentally compatible wastewater disposal works for harbors

A pleasant boat trip in the summer is the highlight of the warm and sunny season for many vacationers. We marvel at the turquoise waters and the beautiful nature of mother earth. This makes it all the more important to follow up our appreciation of our unique world with concrete action. A good example of this is the proper disposal of wastewater in the harbor. How can harbor owners optimally support yacht and boat operators in disposing of wastewater, and what role does PierPump play in this?

Water disposal in harbors – nature conservation as a fundamental responsibility

During short, but especially long trips on yachts and boats, accumulations of wastewater occur. Meanwhile, many boats collect the protective water in special tanks, which opens the possibility to dispose of it properly. Nevertheless, it often ends up illegally directly in the sea and thus in the water that is home to a multitude of marine animals. But the idea of swimming in intentionally polluted waters is also rather unpleasant for bathers.

The devastating consequences of water pollution from wastewater

Disposing of wastewater in natural waters is illegal in most countries because it pollutes the environment on land and below the water surface, with devastating consequences for many species. Water bodies are over-fertilized by a high influx of toilet waste, which in the long run can lead to oxygen-less bottom zones. Sludge is produced, which stinks and does not provide a healthy habitat for organisms. In addition, the wastewater also introduces pathogens into the sea, which are a concern for the marine population, as well as for bathers.

Using wastewater tanks properly thanks to a disposal system

On board, wastewater can be collected and stored in tanks. However, it is essential to be able to empty the tanks properly on land. Therefore, port and marina operators should offer an attractive disposal system at the pier to save yacht and boater inconvenience. If there is no disposal system such as the Vogelsang PierPump at the port, operators run the risk of guests migrating to other ports.

The PierPump as a shining example in practice

Port operators are now increasingly concerned with the issue of wastewater disposal. If simple and modern options are available that enable fast and safe removal, this is highly valued by yacht and boat owners. This makes it all the more important to provide easily accessible disposal systems at the harbor to prevent moorings from migrating.

The PierPump offers the perfect solution. It makes wastewater disposal as easy as refueling a boat, promoting the environmentally friendly balance of ports. Particularly clever: Easy self-service for boat owners and sailors, who can dispose of their waste and bilge water independently. The wastewater tank is connected to the PierPump via a hose. This is started at the simple push of a button and pumps out wastewater and bilge water hygienically and odorlessly. The process takes only a few minutes, depending on the tank size.


The PierPump is insensitive to dry running and foreign matter, and is equipped with a VX series rotary lobe pump. It is a hygienic and fast wastewater disposal system, equipped with high availability. Since the PierPump is a completely closed system, unpleasant odors can be almost completely avoided. Universal connectors guarantee uniform use, which is possible even at sub-zero temperatures due to heating elements.

Payment is made easily by card, coins or even tokens before the wastewater is disposed of.

The simple solution to a complex problem

Modern technology now offers port and marina operators simple options for implementing environmental protection and making wastewater disposal easier for users. The disposal of wastewater by using a PierPump is safe, universal and fast.




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